Durham Juggling Convention 2003 Review

Jugglers drop pump head

Durham Juggling Convention 2003 saw the advent of Jugglers drop beer.  Here is a potted of History Jugglers drop… if you believe it:

Allegedly, brewed from an ancient recipe that led to the downfall of Cedric, one of Durham’s more colourful Prince Bishop’s. recently re-discovered by the DURHAM BREWERY.

Juggler’s Drop

Liquid temptation, a heady flavoursome local brew, with plenty of balls and light golden glow.

Curiously enough, not many people know that Cedric, as well as being a fine bishop, was also a canny juggler who had even mastered the noble art of Mountain Unicycling. He was revered for his flair at tossing numerous scarily spiky objects about his person, for the edification and amasement of his flock.

Sadly there was a dark side to Cedric in that he was also fond of a tipple and as everyone knows beer and juggling just do not mix.  

On the fateful night a very nasty accident ensued, involving his trusty unicycle a gnarly downhill route, excess speed and six pints of a heady flavoursome local brew.  

Cedric recovered eventually but, would never sit quite comfortably on a unicycle ever again. Sadly he hung up his balls(!) soon after and part exchanged his gleaming unicycle for a second hand war horse with only 500 leagues on the clock.  

From that day he was only ever seen riding side saddle and banned consumption of the evil brew to all travellers and circus folk.  

So be warned any brave juggling beer monsters and exercise a modicum of caution especially if you want to keep control of your equipment (juggling that is!)

Here are some pictures from the 2003 Durham Juggling Festival. Pictures Credited to Andy Norwood