Durham Juggling Convention 2013 Review

The convention was organised as a group effort with all the main North East Circus community working together; primarily, Durham City Jugglers, JUST (Juggling and Unicycling Stockton on Tees) and Five ring circus.

The event had over 160 people attending over the weekend.  The event ran from the vibrant Friday evening until the fabulous Sunday afternoon Youth Circus Show.

The Saturday evening show was amazing, one of the best we have seen.

The Fluid Druid (Virgin Islands) A modern classic, Dimitri Ogden has been cited by many as an inspiration for their own contact juggling routines. Prepare to lose yourself in the flow.

The Fluid Druid in the Durham show

Iain Jay (UK) Putting the variety back into variety entertainment, Hartlepool’s most famous unknown stuntman will be presenting a routine that puts mind over matter. Enter the world of the fakir.


Nick Broyd (UK) Direct from Bristol, Nick Broyd is at the forefront of hula hooping in the UK. Unashamedly championing what’s commonly seen as a girls’ discipline, Nick is out to win men of the world over to this hardcore physical workout. Bring on the new craze – He-la Hooping!

Keith Marshall (UK) The perfect manipulator to break down the poi/juggling divide, Keith combines contact juggling, techy poi and juggling in a fusion of precision planes, body rolls and catches. It’s also been rumoured that he is in fact a shaved bear having escaped from a traditional Russian Circus.

Durham Convention

Vladimir Bugrov (Russia) Agraduate of Moscow Circus School, with 40 years in Russian Circus, Vladimir has more experience than a panel full of grumpy old jugglers. For the DJC, he brings a traditional Russian rola-rola clowning routine.

Thibaut Lezervant (France) Thibaut brings a great mix of ball juggling in his own unique style – Contemporary but not contemporary, French, but not French – Vive la Difference!

Forma Fortis (Germany) Audiences from our 2012 show will remember being blown away by Alex and Marion with their powerful adagio acrobatic routine.  This year we’ve blown the budget in bringing them back – and that’s just the extra lighting required to full capture Alex’s biceps.

Durham convention

Durham Convention

Dave Leahy (UK) British Young Juggler of the Year, 2013, Dave brings techy juggling , big tricks and flashy moves.

Durham convention

Bright Night Youth Circus (Scotland) Bringing the little explored world of stilt acrobatics to Durham are the Glasgow-based Bright Night Youth Circus. We could have put them in the Youth Cabaret, but didn’t want to wait until Sunday.

Durham Convention

Host and Compere – Dave Knox (Australia) DJ, fire performer, closet contemporary dancer and front-man of world conquering pyrotechnic outfit, Flame Oz, Dave is a veteran of the international juggling convention scene. We’re not quite sure how, but this is his first time ever compering for a juggling convention show!